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Job Enabling English Proficiency (JEEP) Project

USAID has suspended its participation in the JEEP English language training project in Mindanao pending further review.

What is JEEP?

The Job Enabling English Proficiency (JEEP) Program, is an intensive two-year program, designed by an international team of experts, which is aimed at dramatically improving the English language proficiency of students enrolled in selected universities in Mindanao. The first year of the two-year course, known as JEEP-Start,  focuses on students' proficiency in general English.  It is conducted in dedicated JEEP laboratories where students interact with state-of-the-art English language training software under the supervision of specially trained teachers. The second year of the course, known as JEEP-Accelerate, is and English for Specific Purposes course (ESP) and is classroom-based, and focuses on the specialized English skills required by employers in areas such as:

  • Nursing and Allied Health Services
  • Maritime Services
  • Travel and Tourism Service
  • Other Local Employment

Why was JEEP Designed?

JEEP helps to address the problem that many of the young people graduating from colleges in Mindanao do not have the English language skills required to gain employment in some of the sectors that tend to offer the most opportunity, such as nursing and allied health services, the maritime sector, travel and tourism services, and other areas of local employment requiring proficiency in English.  For the past several years, less than 10% of applicants taking the English language examinations that are prerequisites for obtaining employment in those sectors, have passed those exams.  USAID, through its GEM Program, has supported the development and implementation of JEEP to help graduating university and college students compete successfully for jobs that require a high degree of English proficiency.

Who Should Consider Applying for JEEP Enrollment?

Second and third-year college or university students who, upon graduation, will seek employment in sectors requiring high levels of English proficiency should consider applying for enrollment into JEEP.  They should be prepared to make a two-year commitment to acquiring the skills that they will need.&

Additional Information about JEEP:

  • All JEEP students will pay laboratory fees that are used to acquire and maintain the facilities needed to offer JEEP.
  • JEEP Start laboratories are typically open and available to enrolled students 10-12 hours per day, six to seven days per week. Students are expected to spend a minimum of three hours per week in the laboratories.
  • JEEP Accelerate classes are three hours per week and students are expected to do up to three hours of Independent Study each week as well.
  • Three hours a week, 50+ hours a semester, and two hundred hours over two years is needed to acquire the skills demanded in the modern world, and this takes a significant investment of time.

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